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    This is where the user Blogs of Paleo® TryOut tester are. The place for illustrated blog posts, reviews and articles on experiences with our Barefoots. The individual blog posts are basis for discussion and help to improve application, design and comfort of the PaleoBarefoots®.
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Anterra's by the seaside

by Marco on Mon 1. Sep 2014, 16:02
Date: End of August
Where: A beach on the South coast of the Netherlands
Objective: Test the Paleo Anterra’s in another environment.

We stayed at a holiday home v...

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by Marco on Tue 19. Aug 2014, 14:50
After a few months with the 'paws' i can now say that i actually prefer the Anterra's without the paws.
I use them on and off road and even though they are perhaps less suitable for on tarmac etc I do...

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Obstacle Course Racing and the Paleos

by MudRunner(Garrett) on Thu 19. Sep 2013, 21:11
As I'm getting things ready for my race Saturday I got to thinking again about how I really wish I had a GoPro camera or a way to film my races in my Pronativ. I personally do not like wearing a lot of...

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New Member, MudRunner

by MudRunner(Garrett) on Sat 14. Sep 2013, 16:58
Hello all,

My name is Garrett, aka MudRunner. I'm a full time College Student, going into Mechanical Engineering as well as Machining for a trade which I'm finishing up this fall. As most may know, I'm...

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... now I feel really confortable with pronative ...

by zemp on Sun 8. Sep 2013, 16:28
... I´ve been using pronative more often, they´re really great including for large races, especially if you go for the trails ... made to run barefoot and safe ... ...

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Re: Anterra's by the seaside

by Jörg Peitzker on Tue 2. Sep 2014, 20:32
Dear Marco, thanks for your findings and such lovely pictures. We miss summer here and it seems you had some very nice days in Netherlands. I am happy you kept your word and posted the review. I will also...

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Re: paws

by Marco on Mon 1. Sep 2014, 15:05
sounds very exciting those Urban's!

Re: paws

by Jörg Peitzker on Wed 20. Aug 2014, 08:00
Hi Marco, I agree. I also do not need the paws on natural grounds. The grip with pure chainmail is better than with any other footwear and even the bare feet. In particual when you use them on slippery...

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Re: New Member, MudRunner

by Jörg Peitzker on Fri 20. Sep 2013, 08:31
Thanks for your introduction and warmly welcome to the tester team! Already now, I wish you the strength, the endurance, and of course good luck for your Mud Race this Saturday. I am very curious to hear...

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Re: Obstacle Course Racing and the Paleos

by Jörg Peitzker on Fri 20. Sep 2013, 07:58
Hi Garrett, thanks for your report here - I have found it by chance. Geuss you wonder why there was no response on it yet. You wrote it in your "private" user blog, which is visible to all visitors...

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